We apply technology
to really improve retail experience

Juan X. Gruss
Company Breeder
Hernán Mangini
Market Expert
João Olivério
Brazilian Ambassador
Juan Carlos Sáez
Chilean Ambassador


We see extraordinary opportunities to change things, creating and unlocking value when applying new technologies to people’s everyday challenges. And we want to be protagonists of our time, doing things better, cheaper and faster for people.


We partner with relevant market actors, awesome technology factories worldwide, innovative developers anywhere and visionary investors, to improve things in the frontier between logistics and users’ experience.


We help existing retail businesses in Latin America to unlock and create new value from their ongoing operations and we turn innovative ideas into new business from scratch, reinventing processes through technology, focusing on the improvement of users’ experience and making things cheaper and faster.

Ongoing projects

Be patient. Non-disclosure agreements still tighten us. Or better contact us and we will work together to create and reinvent things.

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